Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Great Week So Far!

Hey guys! Let me tell you what all happened to me in the last two days.

I read Lovin' Leela by Nichelle Gregory 'cause I won a free e-copy in a raffle, and you know what, guys? This is pretty good. I want all my male friends to buy this book, read it, and take a few hints--that should give y'all some insight into the quality of the, uh, content.

But it's more than that, though. The story really speaks to me about trust and what it takes to open up to someone and build a relationship. I definitely recommend this book.

Took a trip to the art museum today, and it was splendid. Saw some lovely art, took some sub-par pictures with my phone, and I may be posting those later.

All in all, these last two days have done much to leave me inspired and invigorated. It's rare that I feel this pumped about life.

Well, until next time, a bientot, chickadees!!