Sequel to Peacebreakers
Book 2 in the Puppetmasters series

Kiera has managed to eradicate the zombie threat and restore order to the new empire, but the death of her lover still weighs heavy on her conscience. It doesn’t help that the Queen is using her misery to win over sympathy from the press. When an uprising threatens the stability of the regime, the ruthless Queen offers Kiera a chance to go back and change where she messed up on the condition that she eliminate the resistance…through whatever despicable means necessary.

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Fallen from Disgrace 
Rosella Cartwright awakens from a yearlong coma with no recollection of who she is, but learns in bits and pieces that she was once the most ingenious and the most sadistic criminal mastermind in New York's backalleys. Job-hunting introduces her to Daniel Ryan, who becomes her employer and lover...and quite possibly the only person who can redeem her. He can offer the love she's never known, but when it comes to her intricate plots, left in medias res and still very much in progress, she's on her own...or is she?

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Some wounds never heal, especially when brutal genocide is involved.  Hunted to the brink of extinction in the nineteenth century, the mutants are a staggering society, but they fight on.
The time is now over a hundred years after the series of massacres that crippled mutantkind.  The place is Montreal, Quebec.  The rallying point is The Paralysis, a group of rebellious superhumans headed up by Isabella Sordeno, who has taken on and defeated even death in the name of mutant civil rights.  The stage is set for revolution.
Enter Kiera Graves, hired killer extraordinaire.  With her chaotic nature and insurrectionary spirit, she seems like the perfect catalyst to get Isabella’s uprising on its feet.  But when she takes the struggle too far by destroying an overseas death camp, she inadvertently unleashes a virus that threatens to smother the globe, and as if it wasn’t bad enough that she managed to break the world, a local prophetess soon predicts that her lover is fated to die at her hands.