Sunday, March 20, 2011

All Things Romantic Suspense: Chris Redding

Hey there! Today I've got guest interviewee Chris Redding, here to talk about Incendiary and the joys of killing people on paper. Take it away, Chris!

1. Howdy! Please introduce yourself, tell us an interesting fact about you, and if you were an animal, what would it be?

Hello, I’m Chris Redding author of romantic suspense and a paranormal romantic suspense. I once interviewed to drive the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. If I were an animal, I’d be a house cat. I would eat and sleep whenever I wanted. Wherever I wanted. That appeals to me.

2. Tell us a bit about your book--something you wouldn't find in the blurb.

The heroine has a son and he’s a compilation of my two sons at that age.

3. What was your inspiration for this story?

Years ago, someone came to me with an idea. When there is a series of arsons, the police take pictures of the crowd to see if there is someone who has been at all of them. Some arsonists like to return to the scene of the crime. The idea was what if they arsonist is the photographer. So my brain took it further. What if is it was someone who actually fought fires?

4. Do you consider yourself a plotter or a pantser?

Panster. I once outlined a book and never wrote it. Part of the joy of writing is discovering where the story is going. I have a vague idea how it will end, but not really what the path taken will be.

5. When diving into a new work, how much research do you do and how do you go about doing it?

It depends on the subject of the book For Incendiary I had my best research in house. My husband is a volunteer firefighter so I was able to pick his brain about what it was like inside a burning building. Some stories don’t need as much research or I’ve done the research for previous books. In terms of actually researching, if I can talk to a human I will.

6. If you could be one character from your book, who would it be and why?

Chelsea. She is so sure about what is right and wrong. She isn’t afraid of much either.

7. And if you had to be stuck in an elevator for 42 hours with one of your characters…?

Well, Jake of course. Enough said.

8. What was the hardest part of writing this book?

I don’t know that there was one. I really enjoyed the whole process.

9. Why romantic suspense? Do you write any other subgenres of romance? I like to kill people on paper. I’ve tried writing other things, but a dead body always seems to show up.

10. What books have most influenced your writing or your outlook on life in general?

In terms of writing, Stephen King’s On Writing. In terms of life, Eckhardt Tolle’s The Power of Now.

11. Quick! The Departed, Shutter Island, or Inception? Inception. Didn’t see the other two.

12. Anything I didn't ask you about that you want to shout out to the world?

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Chelsea James, captain of her local first aid squad, is trying to keep the organization afloat, but someone is sabotaging her. The squad is her father’s legacy and she feels responsible to keep it going.

Jake Sweeney, back in town after a decade, is investigating the arsons he was accused of long ago. When they start again Chelsea and Jake must join forces to defeat their mutual enemy.

Jake would like to rekindle what they had before he left town, but his departure left Chelsea hurt and bewildered. To begin again, she must learn to trust him.

Her life could depend on it.

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  1. Ahahahaa, you like to kill people on paper, I LOVE that. *grin* And I agree, husbands can be the best source of information. Mine steels himself and prepares for battles when I ask questions though, LOL!

    Great interview, ladies!

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  3. Talk about a great way to get rid of frustration, being able to kill people on paper *LOL* Great post! Like the sound of this book.

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