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NRABT - HC Brown

H.C. Brown – 19 April


H.C. Brown is a multi published, award winning, highly credited author of Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Historical and Contemporary Romance. Currently living in Australia, She believes every story should have a happy ending.

Published with Noble romance, Ellora's Cave and Pocket Book Publishing, H.C is an International All Breed Cat Judge in her downtime. H.C writes Young Adult romance under the name Pia Moonglow for Noble Young Adult Romance.

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What do "hero" and "heroine" mean to you? And what about villains? What archetypes frequently appear in your own work, which ones do you like seeing in others' work, and which ones drive you completely up the wall with rage?

My heroes are always alpha males, big strong dependable types but all of them have some sort of vulnerability. My heroines are normal, girl next door types, not ravishingly beautiful or particularly confident in their appearance and absolutely not the top model types. I hope they are gutsy but not pushy or hardnosed.

My villains are usually demons, fantasy people, mad scientists and the like.

I hate seeing butch type females in male/ female romance, they just don't gel for me. A woman tougher than a man does not make me read on. The same goes for those females who constantly whine and complain . . . get a life.

I like villains that creep up on me when I'm reading— those you never expect to be the bad guy.

Hawke's Purr-fect Mate


Deliciously handsome, insatiable alpha male, Hawke of Knight Watch, has a reputation, for a voracious and varied sex life. However, his ability to attract streams of men and women to his bed comes into question when he meets the mysterious, Ice Princess, Lydia.

Lydia born of both Fae and Pride has a secret. Unable to chance the man of her dreams discovering the truth about her, she publically refuses the handsome Prince Hawke.

Disillusioned and heart sore, Hawke must fight the battle of his life against the dogs invading his realm, and for the love of his true mate.

Shifters & Demons

Love Revisited

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  1. Sounds like a delicious read!

    lucy (at) lucyfelthouse (dot) co (dot) uk

  2. Great interview. Looking forward to hosting H.C. on my blog tomorrow! Cheers, fellow tour junkies!
    Indigo Skye
    indigoskyeinkandart (at)

  3. Like the sound of this book. Like your post and what you said about whiny females, always tend to find myself muttering at them when I am reading *L*

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  4. I don't like butch type heroines, but I do like them to be mentally strong and physically fit. I don't like it when the hero has to cart her around.

  5. Hello, All.

    I, too, like my heroes who are a bit vulnerable. A little less perfection is a nice change.

    I look forward in reading Hawke's Purr-fect Mate.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  6. Thanks for another great excerpt and interview!

  7. Thanks for your comments :-)

    My winner today is Lucy.
    Lucy wins a copy of Red Roses and Shattered Glass